A big step forward for Surface Corrosion Consultants is joining the Marine Painting Forum.

The Marine Painting Forum is a professional group for companies involved in the manufacture, application and use of paints and related products for the marine industry to exchange information and ideas.

The main objectives of the forum are: 

  • Promote MPF’s goals through informed discussion between members.
  • Taking up relevant projects, collaborating, and exchanging (non-commercially sensitive) information.
  • Maintain an awareness of, and review, developments in surface preparation, coating technology, coating application, and coating disposal.
  • To fully consider the environmental and occupational hygiene impact of marine coatings. 
  • Ensuring that regulatory authorities are fully informed of the impact of any proposed legislation.
  • Establishing liaisons with other organizations (e.g., the Shipbuilders and Ship-Repairers Association, the British Coatings Federation).
  • Enhancing the perception of marine painting.
  • The Marine Painting Forum will assist other interested parties where such assistance will promote its objectives and aims.

Every year, the Forum holds three or four meetings and organisations interested in joining are always invited to attend. In addition, they regularly invite guest speakers to give presentations, which is an excellent opportunity to learn and share.

We look forward to being part of such a great community and to share ideas with like-minded and well-established companies. 

Further information about the Marine Painting Forum is available here.

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