Expert corrosion and inspection management services

Coating & Paint Inspection

Our in-house, vastly experienced inspection team evaluate the integrity of aged coatings, damaged fire protection and the potential for Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) to assess the condition of coatings.

Our Coating Condition Surveys are delivered onsite as well as from isometrics, P&ID’s and structural drawings. We provide surface area calculations, workscope specifications, reporting and project management.

NDT Inspection

Prior to any surface preparation procedures, we visually identify any potential for metal loss or pit corrosion, where we would recommend magnetic particle inspection (MPI) or ultrasonic testing (UT) would to ensure integrity. Our NDT inspection service identifies areas of weakness including corrosion, degradation and cracking, before critical damage occurs.

Surface Asset Management™ (SAM™)

SAM™ is a fresh and unique approach to corrosion prevention and has been developed with simplicity and efficiency at the forefront of its design.

Digitisation of coating and inspection management services is the future and our ground-breaking inspection software streamlines all aspects of coating and NDT inspection.

Consultancy Services

With years of experience within the coating sector, our internal Technical Authorities deliver impartial and reliable consultative services to support your surface corrosion needs. We can support you with coating inspection reports, provide final sign-off and acceptance certificates as well as update the ‘Re’ condition value to confirm work meets the required standards and specifications.

UAV Inspection

Our team of experienced AMPP / ICorr qualified coating surveyors monitor, inspect, and survey assets, both onshore and offshore, using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that act as our inspectors’ eyes in high resolution, 4K imagery. UAV inspection is a safe and efficient alternative inspection method which makes it possible to access areas that may pose risk from hostile working conditions including height, weather and radiation. Furthermore, combined with our SAM™ software, our UAV inspection service offers transparent reporting and removes the need for manual data input.

Train the Painter

Surface Corrosion can support you to develop a fully trained and competent surface preparation and coating application workforce. As a certified SSPC Train The Painter business, we can deliver training at your site or our training facility as well as provide technical report writing to confirm your team is pre-qualified to NORSOK M-501 standards and evidencing through the Coating Procedure Test (CPT).

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