The last quarter of 2021 saw a busy time for two of Surface Corrosion’s highly qualified coating surveyors who travelled to Africa to undertake a comprehensive survey of the FPSO of Nigeria.

Mark Corner, Project Manager, and Lee Nolan, Coatings Inspector, made the trip in mid-November to complete all necessary quarantine periods before embarking on a two-week coating survey. 

The survey involved inspection of process and utility pipework, static equipment and structural support of various sizes on Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) Topside, Hull Machinery spaces and Single Point Mooring (SPM). 

The main focus of the project was to provide our client in Nigeria with a technical and commercial proposal for the provision of a coating survey.

The data collected will be used directly to coordinate an FPSO fabric maintenance painting campaign plan for the next five years. 

The results of the survey were recorded using our in-house digital solution, SAM™️ (Surface Asset Management™️), which provided a detailed synopsis of the following:

  • Coating Conditions
  • Rate of Corrosion
  • Maintenance Prioritisation
  • Maintenance Budget
  • Inspection Work Packs 

Our innovative software SAM™️ streamlines all aspects of NDT management and coating inspection. The technology removes duplication of tasks and creates a single point of access to monitor corrosion and manage the execution of coating systems, passive fire protection and insulation instalment.

By leveraging the SAM™️ digital solution for the coating condition survey, our team in Nigeria guaranteed consistency throughout the survey process. 

Sean Truesdale, our Director, says: “We use SAM™️ as a matter of course for all the recording of surface preparation and coatings; it is fundamental to our business.

“SAM™️ surveys are succinct and to the point and provide a snapshot of each asset at the push of a button.

“SAM™️ removes the lengthy process of manual data input and our intuitive software has a fundamental role to play in the future of the energy and construction industries.”

Ahead of our surveyors heading offshore, our team had also researched the facility to ensure the survey was conducted as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

A tailored site-specific module was built within SAM™️ using previous survey data allowing us to speed up data capture during survey activities.   An interactive online plot plan of the asset was also modelled and uploaded to SAM™️ which eased area identification, zone allocation and data input. 

The surveyors worked with the plot plan and drawings to systematically update each line item within SAM™️ reflecting current conditions found upon inspection in real-time.  

The online tool centrally managed the following data: 

  • Coating Condition Assessment 
  • Corrosion Condition Assessment
  • Condition Grading
  • Condition Criticality (high to low priority)
  • Metre Squared Calculations  
  • Survey Findings Report (including photos) 
  • Estimated Paint Volume Calculations 
  • Estimated Execution Hours (based on previous norms) 
  • Priority Areas  

“SAM™️ really is the most versatile and innovative software available on the market today with regards to NDT management and coating inspection,” adds Sean. 

“It is a game changer for the future of the management of corrosion in the oil and gas and construction industries.”

Our in-house team of specialists at Surface Corrosion can offer you a comprehensive training package as well as providing technical support and updates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact us today to get started with SAM™️ or to arrange a demonstration!

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