Our UAV inspection service takes Corrosion Inspection from eye level to sky level.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) inspections are the safest and most efficient alternative to traditional inspections methods – they allow access to areas that are deemed ‘high risk’ due to hostile working conditions and provide significantly reduced costs associated with erecting traditional methods of access.

Combined with our ground-breaking SAM™ software, our UAV Inspection service offers transparent reporting and demonstrates tangible financial, and efficiency added value.

Using a DJI Matice 300 RTK UAV that delivers 4K imagery, our in-house team of AMPP / ICorr qualified coating surveyors act as both the ‘UAV pilot’ and ‘coatings inspector’ to provide numerous solutions to what conventionally were once pain points within the inspections and coatings survey market.

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UAV Inspection FAQ

1. It might seem like a silly question, but what is UAV?

UAV stands for ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’, more commonly known as a drone. A UAV is an aircraft without any human pilot, crew or passengers on board, operated by a ground-based controller and communication system.

2. What is UAV Inspection?

UAV Inspection is the process of using an unmanned aircraft to assess the condition of an asset.

Today, UAV Inspections are being carried out in almost every heavily regulated industry that requires visual inspections as a critical element of their maintenance procedures.

By using UAVs to collect visual data on the condition of an asset, inspectors avoid having to place themselves in dangerous situations, mitigating the risks associated with a traditional inspection.

Commonly, a UAV inspection will be a visual inspection, with the UAV taking high quality images of assets to allow our in-house inspectors to review whilst in flight or at a later date depending on specific job requirements.

3. Where do inspections fit in the maintenance process?

When responsible for an asset it is fundamental to first inspect, then protect the asset. UAV Inspection can be utilised to efficiently and safely inspect at the start of the maintenance process.

The UAV is flown onsite to assess asset conditions and damage or maintenance requirements allowing further action and recommendations to be taken with reference to the following steps associated with repair.

4. Are UAVs allowed to be used by inspection bodies?

Yes – UAVs have been approved by AMPP & ICorr regulatory bodies to support QA/QC inspections.

5. Why is now the time to move to UAV Inspection?

With the growing success of UAV Inspections across multiple sectors including Oil & Gas,
Renewables and Industrials, Surface believe now is the right time to introduce UAV inspections to support your asset management.

Although UAV Inspection is in its infancy, if offers huge opportunities to help our clients, new and old adopt to the latest technologies to overcome costs and risk associated with traditional inspection.

6. What are the key benefits of UAV inspection?

Detailed benefits of UAV inspection can be found within our “Tech Spec” (available on the UAV Inspection section of our website) however the following summarise the fundamental benefits of UAV inspection:

  • Improved safety
  • Cost efficiency
  • Time efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Quality data
  • Rapid data and communications

7. What qualifications do your inspectors hold for UAV and inspection?

We have a range of level 2 and level 3 qualified AMPP / ICorr coating inspectors who have completed a CAA approved General VLOS (Visual Line of Sight) Certificate. The course itself allows Surface Corrosion Consultants to operate UAVs, including the DJI M300 RTK.

8. How much is a UAV inspection?

UAV inspection is a complex service; therefore costs are determined on specific scope requirements and operating conditions.

9. Why work with Surface?

Many UAV Inspection companies offer visual inspection of assets with no ability to further understand the next step involved in suggestive repair options or offer professional corrosion prevention advice.

UAV Inspection coupled with our in-house SAMTM software, allows the collected data to be uploaded directly from our UAV and saved to a secure server. Respective inspection reports based around the imagery and data collated from the UAV can be created instantaneously, removing the need for manual data input. Reports are available anytime to download or share as required.

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