Petrocore was contracted by a major International Operating Company (IOC) operating in Nigeria to provide a comprehensive in-service coating survey of process and utility pipelines, static equipment and various sized structural support on the FPSO Topside, Hull Machinery spaces and Singe Point Mooring (SPM).  Petrocore partnered with Surface Corrosion Consultants to deliver the survey and deploy our leading, digital solution, SAM™.


Who: Major International Operating Company   

What: Partnership with Petrocore to deliver detailed corrosion and coating condition survey and inspection services on an FPSO. 

Where: : Nigeria, Bonga Platform 

When: Phase 1: January 2022 (Phase 2: Q3 2022)


Our ground-breaking app has been designed by corrosion specialists for corrosion specialists. SAM™ guarantees that coating condition surveys are graded consistently online to eliminate the need for hand mark-up on Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) and isometrics. 

Furthermore, survey areas are proactively well definated in SAM™ to optimise control of Surface Asset Management.  


To ensure a smooth operation, the work was split into five discrete parts: 

1.Pre-Survey Phase – input of data in SAM™, location set-up and development of hyperlink plot-plan within SAM™ alignment in grading and categorization and completion of other pre-survey works.

2.Training phase –training of all surveyors and client project engineers on the use of SAM™.

3. Actual Survey – data captured and photos directly uploaded into SAM™. UAV’s could have also been used to capture images at height.

4. Recording & Reporting – performed directly within SAM™ during survey.

5. Post Processing – issue of Coating Damage Report and 5 year maintenance plan. 

By streamlining the process into five simple and effective steps, the output of the survey created a single point of access and avoided duplication of data. Therefore, SAM™ was able to provide adequate information on the condition of a coating as well as the rate of corrosion. The information then led the team to be able to prioritize maintenance using the re-classification and directly coordinate the FPSO fabric maintenance painting campaign planning for the next five years. 


•Created a single point of access

•Provides full control of data during each stage of operations

•Enhanced user visibility allowing accurate, real-time decision making

•Delivers a proactive approach to maintenance planning for years to come

•Improved efficiency with fully digitalisation of corrosion inspection operations 

•Enhanced operations and business performance

SAM™ prepares your business for now and the future. 


SAM™️ is one of the best and most versatile and innovative pieces of software available on the market today with regards to NDT management and coating. It is a game changer for the future of the management of corrosion in the oil and gas industry inspection and Petrocore are excited to be partners with Surface Corrosion Consultants.Jude Esangbedo, Managing Director and Head of Advisory, Petrocore. 

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